The Human Condition and Gods Holy Work

Psalm 51:1
Pastor Russ Hunt

Pastor Russ discusses the value of understanding our condition in relation to God. David gives us an idea of what it’s like to recognize what sin does to that relationship.

Encouragement From John

John 7:14-15
Pastor Chris Fisher

Realise that God has done everything for you to be saved and delivered from the consequence of you sin!!!

Moving Forward

Paul Manassah summarises the book “Pilgrims Progress” and explains its life application.

A Superior Law

Romans 8:1-13
Pastor Chris Fisher

Paul discusses how we are saved through Jesus, what that looks like manifested in our lives, and how our carnal bodies are at enmity or opposed to God. Our flesh cannot please God, and we cannot make ourselves righteous. What makes us righteous is the finished work of Jesus Christ. God then will give eternal life to those who Jesus in dwells.

living In The Overlap

romans 7:14-25
Pastor Chris Fisher

For the Believer saved by God’s free gift of grace, we are seated in heavenly places. so why then do we continue to sin, why do we do the things we know we do not want to do? How do we overcome our sinful nature? Follow Jesus set your eyes upon him!

Your Gonna Have To Serve Somebody

Romans 6:16

Pastor Chris Fisher

You and I are slaves to something, our decision to follow Jesus and accept his free gift of grace allows us to become a slave of righteousness.

Reckon It So

Pastor Chris Fisher

Romans 6:1-13
Continue in sin? God Forbid! How do our new lives reflect the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Does God Mean What He Says ?

Pastor Chris Fisher a message about whether or not Christians are taking the word of God for what it says. An examination of self righteousness.

Romans 2:1-5

What Do I Say ? Pt 3

Pastor Chris Fisher Overview of the response of the Church to sexual immorality, describing that we cannot love without telling the truth. Isnt Love, Love ?

What Do I Say ? Pt 2

Pastor Chris Fisher responds to objections of misinterpretation of what was meant by homosexuality in the bible and, the objection that Christians are cherry picking sins.