Beautiful Feet

Romans 10:14-17

Pastor Chris Fisher
God will call on the heart of people, but how can they come to Him without hearing the Word. Church makes your feet beautiful by carrying the Gospel to the world.

A Superior Law

Romans 8:1-13
Pastor Chris Fisher

Paul discusses how we are saved through Jesus, what that looks like manifested in our lives, and how our carnal bodies are at enmity or opposed to God. Our flesh cannot please God, and we cannot make ourselves righteous. What makes us righteous is the finished work of Jesus Christ. God then will give eternal life to those who Jesus in dwells.

Why We Have The Gifts Today

Second part to our introduction to our series on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Chris Fisher.
1 Corinthians 12


Todays Gifts

Are the Gifts for today ? Have the gifts ceased ? over the next few weeks Pastor Chris will continue thru 1 Corinthians and take a biblical perspective on the Spiritual Gifts.

1 Corinthians 12:1
Today’s Gifts