Rest Walk and Fight

John 19:30
Pastor Russ Hunt

Russ describes three aspects of our salvation, the past, present, and future.

Whats on My Mind

Colossians 3:2
Pastor Chris Fisher Chris talks about how our minds should stay concentrated on the things above.

Exaltation to Dedication

Romans 12:1-2
Pastor Chris Fisher

Paul begs us to submit all that we are to God and rests being conformed to this world.

Set Free to Proclaim God’s Power

Luke 8:26-39
Pastor Russ Hunt

Using Jesus casting demons from the demoniac, and the surrounding interactions, Pastor Russ talks about the power of Jesus and the effect he has on lives.

The Only Reasonable Thing To Do

Romans 12:1-2
Pastor Chris Fisher

It’s The Only Reasonable Thing To Do. Who we are as children of God, what does that mean even for our physical bodies, and what is God’s will for us. Join Us!

Church Alive – Part 2

Luke 24:44

Pastor Chris Fisher

Continuing the series on the living church, Pastor Chris discusses who we are as Christians how our personal revival contributes to the church being alive.

Church Alive – Part 1

Acts 4:32 – Acts 5:14

Pastor Chris Fisher

We are beginning a new series called Church Alive having looked at personal revival we are now turning our attention to what the living church looks like.

Beautiful Feet

Romans 10:14-17

Pastor Chris Fisher
God will call on the heart of people, but how can they come to Him without hearing the Word. Church makes your feet beautiful by carrying the Gospel to the world.

Moving Forward

Paul Manassah summarises the book “Pilgrims Progress” and explains its life application.