Believe in His Reality

John 14:1
Pastor Chris Fisher

Pastor Chris discusses what it looks like to live out “let not your heart be troubled”. Far from being carefree, we should be looking forward to the promise of Glory!

No Fear

Psalm 27:1-4
Pastor Chris Fisher
The lord is my light and salvation. Consider the God we serve, his perfection, his power, and his love! What have we got to be afraid of?

God is my refuge

Psalms 3 (ESV)

Pastor Russ Hunt

Russ discusses how David sets the example for us of how to glorify God through his troubling circumstances. Even though he his life was in danger from his own son he trusted God would be there for him

Encouragement From Acts

Acts 4:23-31
Pastor Chris Fisher

Pastor Chris discusses an example of what we can do in the face to adversity. Peter and John take demonstrate the state of mind to strive for as a Christ follower.

Anxiety and Worry

Matthew 6:25-34
Guest Pastor Mark Walsh

Pastor Walsh discusses the idea of trusting in God and eliminating worry in our lives. How have the effects of worry and anxiety manifested in your life? what can you do about it?