Right to Justice

Romans 12:17-21
Pastor Chris

a continuation of last weeks examination of Christians attitudes of living peaceably with all men, and turning away from vengeance.

God In Us

Romans 12:14-21
Pastor Chris

Yuli’s testimony after a moving testimony by Yuli AKA “cake lady”, Pastor Chris discusses the Christian attitudes, of humility and blessing even those who persecute us.

Constrained By Love

Romans 12:9-13
Pastor Chris Fisher

Pastor Chris looks at what love looks like in the life of a believer, how it shapes who we are to the world and each other.

Diversity in Unity

Romans 12:4-8
Pastor Chris Fisher

Continuing Romans Chris discusses the various gifts given to us by God.

An Honest Assesment

Romans 12:3-5
Pastor Chris Fisher

What has God given us as a measure of faith to accomplish his will? What has God put in you to do as part of the body of Christ. Do you trust God and have you given Yourself to his will?

Whats on My Mind

Colossians 3:2
Pastor Chris Fisher Chris talks about how our minds should stay concentrated on the things above.

Exaltation to Dedication

Romans 12:1-2
Pastor Chris Fisher

Paul begs us to submit all that we are to God and rests being conformed to this world.

Awesome God

Romans 11:33-36
Pastor Chris Fisher

As we return to the Romans series, Pastor Chris discusses how Paul described the awesomeness of our God.

The Only Reasonable Thing To Do

Romans 12:1-2
Pastor Chris Fisher

It’s The Only Reasonable Thing To Do. Who we are as children of God, what does that mean even for our physical bodies, and what is God’s will for us. Join Us!

Obey the Gospel

Romans 10:16-21
Pastor Chris Fisher
Pastor Chris discusses the provoking of Israel to jealousy predicted in the book of Isaiah and used by Paul to show the times of the Messiah.