Beyond Resurrection

John 20:21
Pastor Chris Fisher

Christ is risen indeed! But His resurrection is more than a display of the greatest of loves; He has called us to take His name and Gospel to the world

Beautiful Feet

Romans 10:14-17

Pastor Chris Fisher
God will call on the heart of people, but how can they come to Him without hearing the Word. Church makes your feet beautiful by carrying the Gospel to the world.

A Beautiful Message

A Beautiful Message, From A Beautiful God, Is Carried By Beautiful Feet
Isaiah 52:7
Russ Hunt

Camp Message 2018

Calvary Chapel Albany goes on camp once a year. We close the church doors and head out to Camp Kennedy to have fellowship , fun and eat great food .. Sunday morning we gather in the old hall and after the service we head down to the beach to baptise those who have decided to follow Jesus .. Its an awesome time