Diversity in Unity

Romans 12:4-8
Pastor Chris Fisher

Continuing Romans Chris discusses the various gifts given to us by God.

Seek God and Walk in His Ways

Joshua 9:1-16
Pastor Chris Fisher

How does the devil our adversary work in an everyday sense? We must each do our best not to fall into deception.

An Honest Assesment

Romans 12:3-5
Pastor Chris Fisher

What has God given us as a measure of faith to accomplish his will? What has God put in you to do as part of the body of Christ. Do you trust God and have you given Yourself to his will?

Whats on My Mind

Colossians 3:2
Pastor Chris Fisher Chris talks about how our minds should stay concentrated on the things above.

Exaltation to Dedication

Romans 12:1-2
Pastor Chris Fisher

Paul begs us to submit all that we are to God and rests being conformed to this world.

Awesome God

Romans 11:33-36
Pastor Chris Fisher

As we return to the Romans series, Pastor Chris discusses how Paul described the awesomeness of our God.

The Door

2 Chronicles 29:2-10
Pastor Chris Fisher

Chris examines the effect of shutting the figurative and literal door of God’s house. What does it mean, and what effect does it have to do what is right in the sight of God.

Starts In The Heart

2 Kings 18:1-7
Pastor Chris Fisher

Looking at the example of king Hezikiah pastor Chris discusses how our heart drives our actions in our circumstances as we pursue a holy God. King Hezekiah was surrounded by armies his first reaction was to take it to the Lord.

Believe in His Reality

John 14:1
Pastor Chris Fisher

Pastor Chris discusses what it looks like to live out “let not your heart be troubled”. Far from being carefree, we should be looking forward to the promise of Glory!