Rest Walk and Fight

John 19:30
Pastor Russ Hunt

Russ describes three aspects of our salvation, the past, present, and future.

Set Free to Proclaim God’s Power

Luke 8:26-39
Pastor Russ Hunt

Using Jesus casting demons from the demoniac, and the surrounding interactions, Pastor Russ talks about the power of Jesus and the effect he has on lives.

The Human Condition and Gods Holy Work

Psalm 51:1
Pastor Russ Hunt

Pastor Russ discusses the value of understanding our condition in relation to God. David gives us an idea of what it’s like to recognize what sin does to that relationship.

A Thirst For Jesus

Psalm 42
Pastor Russ Hunt

Pastor Russ takes us through the desire and hunger displayed by the Christian for a relationship with God and for the knowledge of God’s word. Be encouraged to consume God’s word so you are always properly equipped.

In Christ We Are Made Righteous

2 Corinthians 5:21

Pastor Russ hunt
Pastor Russ discusses what it means for Christ to take on our sin and cause us to be seen as righteous in the eyes of God.

God is my refuge

Psalms 3 (ESV)

Pastor Russ Hunt

Russ discusses how David sets the example for us of how to glorify God through his troubling circumstances. Even though he his life was in danger from his own son he trusted God would be there for him

The Joy Set Before Him

Russ Hunt discusses How Jesus could endure the cross, what we can look forward to and, how faith guides us through trials.

Hebrews 12:2

A Beautiful Message

A Beautiful Message, From A Beautiful God, Is Carried By Beautiful Feet
Isaiah 52:7
Russ Hunt