19 "Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.20 Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age."


Calvary Borneo exists to spread the good news of Jesus Christ thru out Borneo. We do this by assisting in the building of Christian schools financially. As well as instituting education programs in remote areas. And employing full time teachers to teach scripture and general education.



One of our main objective is to establish and build churches we also assist in the building of churches for local ministries . Pictured right is Calvary Parabeu , this church is full every Sunday with young and old hearing about the good news of Jesus Christ and raising up the next generation to reach Borneo for Jesus. Borneo mission is funding the building of a second church. And has financed building stages for a number of local churches.

Build Chrurches


We Believe the most effective way to evangelise in foreign countries is to raise up Pastors to minister in there home land. Through partnering with Jim Andrey's we have financially assisted his ministry in the training of up to 30 pastors. Jims dedication

Raise Pastors


We are are commanded by Jesus to feed the hungry and to take care of the sick. We give much needed supplies to our churches and education programs in Borneo each month... We do not want to be a burden but a blessing. Borneo mission as well as sending hundreds of bibles has been involved in. Paying medical costs of widows and paying students through college from poor families.



2018 presents an exciting year for Calvary Borneo Mission. We expect to have our largest build to date completed by mid year. A full brick and mortar church pastored by Elia Gadang outside of Tanjung Redeb. The Harvest Academy which Calvary has supported financially both in some stages of the build and staff wages (Three story school, the only Christian School of its kind in the province). Has students which will soon be ready for junior high school. Jim has planned to establish and build a second school to plan for this phase. The tested curriculum of Harvest is also ready to be adopted by our regional jungle teaching programs. We continue to pray for our ultimate goal of a theological training centre to raise up pastors. And to place pastors in every village of the province. But we are well on the way building two Calvary funded churches, assisting in the building of a third. As well as assisting in the building of a Christian school and having two fully funded teachers. Please pray for us and support us as we seek God's will this year!


Calvary Albany Borneo Mission was started in 2009 by Sean Zemunik (Missions Director Calvary Albany) and wife Magdalena Zemunik. In 2012 after Sean and Magdalena had traveled into the mission field establishing ties for the previous three years.Borneo Mission became an integrated part of ministry in Calvary Chapel Albany. Working in partnership with now Senior Pastor Jim Andreys and his brother John Andreys of Green Bethany GPDI. Borneo mission became a platform to bring the gospel and assist in training and education for the poor. As well as provide humanitarian aid and the establishment of multiple building projects. Which all continue to this day.


None of the work in Borneo would be possible without the incredible dedication of the GPDI Green Bethany ministry team. The visionary leadership of Jim Andreys and key assistance from his brother John. Have enabled a fruitful partnership from Australia under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Chris Fisher. And the planning and direction of Calvary Albany Missions Leader Sean Zemunik. Over nearly the last 10 years we have been led by God's spirit into what has become a well established and thriving mission. We also have been blessed by the support and love shown by the saints of Calvary Chapel and our partners. Which have enabled the ongoing work as we seek out God's direction to take the gospel throughout Borneo.



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